First Aid

The defibrillator is next to the first aid room in the stadium.

Be aware of this sign:


Use the defibrillator only in case of emergency! The closet is secured by an alarm sytem. The defi may be used by everybody.


  • Dial emergency call 112
  • take defibrillator
  • Cardiac massage and ventilation (30 x pressing, 2 ventilations)
  • Use defibrillator when cardiac arrest is indicated – the fully automatic device delivers a shock without help of the helper
  • After shock submission start with HWL until the device gives further instructions – combine defibrillator always with cardiac massage!

In case of false alarm or use of defibrillator after a case of emergency inform directly the “Förderverein Eissport Regen e.V.” Tel. +49 (0) 170 7786950, +49 (0) 9921 960986 or via Email

All information is supplied without guarantee!