Ice Hockey

Watch the chase for the puck

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Hockey Game in the Ice Sport Center Regen

The ice sport center is home of the ice hockey club ERC Red Dragons Regen and his Young Dragons. At “Ice time” the professionals of the clubs as well as the amateur teams and clubs train and play. Who once experienced an ice hockey match of the Red Dragons or the Young Dragons in front of a sold out audience will never forget this exciting and tingling atmosphere. Watch closely how professional ice hockey players hunt for the puck – the ice hall offers
ice hockey live – an unforgettable experience!

Ice Hockey plan 2021/2022:

Home games Red Dragons:

Sunday 17th October 2021 6.00 PM ERC Regen : EC Pfaffenhofen 1b
Sunday 31st October 2021 6.00 PM ERC Regen – EHC Regensburg
Sunday 14th November 2021 6.00 PM ERC Regen : ERV Schweinfurt 1b
Sunday 12th December 2021 6.00 PM ERC Regen : EHC Mitterteich
Sunday 26th December 2021 6.00 PM ERC Regen : EHC Straubing
Sunday 16th January 2022 6.00 PM ERC Regen : ERSC Amberg 1b
Sunday 30th January 2022 6.00 PM ERC Regen : ESV Würzburg
Sunday 6th February 2022 6.00 PM ERC Regen : ESC Haßfurth 1b

ARBERLAND Ice Hockey Camps

You would like to organize ice hockey camps at the ice hall in Regen? You would like to train intensively in small groups on and next to the ice? The Arberland Ice Hockey Camps offer not only five days for tomorrows athletes with daily training, we also take care for the catering, support and accommodation and give you at the same time the possibility to get to know the nature and culture of the ARBERLAND.

If you are interested contact ARBERLAND Betriebs gGmbH,
contact person: Tobias Wittenzellner, Tel. +49 (0) 9921 / 9605-4140 or +49 (0) 151 61531756.